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July Photo Contest Results Are In!

GG4 Trichrome Bridge
"GG4 Trichrome Bridge" - @NSD_420





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July Photo Contest Results Are In!

Our July photo contest has come to a close. We had more votes in this month’s contest than any previous contest, and we would like to start by thanking our growing community for its continued support and participation!

Our July contest saw nine entries, all of which were bud shots, and all three winning photos were submitted by artists who’ve participated in previous Potography contests. We also had several entries from first-time contestants.

Third Place

One of our favorite parts of the contest is observing the different and unique styles each artist brings to the table. One of these artists who employs a distinct and recognizable style is our longtime friend @the_chronickk. Nick takes all of his photos on his iPhone, yet he consistently manages to capture mouth-watering images that beautifully highlight the best characteristics of the buds he smokes. Not only is Nick a master strain selector, but his photos have captured the eyes of our audience since day 1, and he has yet to enter a contest and not place.

Nick’s third place image featured the strain Kryptochronic by the legendary growers at Alien Labs (@alienlabs) Congrats Nick!

july photo contest results - KrytoCHRONIC Not cryptocurrency AlienLabs
“KrytoCHRONIC Not cryptocurrency AlienLabs” – @the_chronickk

Second Place

Returning champion @NSD_420 clenched second place with a vibrant bud shot of the strain 7up, cultivated by @bickey420 AKA North Country Farms (@northcountryfarms). @NSD_420 absolutely killed this shot by using a lime as the background, which really brings out the bright green colors of the pictured bud.

We love when cannabis photographers match the background to the flavors of the strains being photographed, and this is the exact type of creativity we hope this contest can continue to highlight as our community of artists continues to grow. Well done NSD!!

7up by BICKEY420 aka NORTHCOUNTRYPharms
“7up by BICKEY420 aka NORTHCOUNTRYPharms” – @NSD_420

First Place

This month we had a first and second place sweep by @NSD_420, with his awesome bud shot of 7up taking second and a thoughtfully composed macro shot of a “GG4 Trichome Bridge” taking the top spot.

Macro shots are always fun because they show us parts of the plant not normally visible to the naked eye. NSD took this one step further by showing us a rather rare trichome formation: the Trichome Bridge! We haven’t seen this one before in our gardens so it’s no surpoirse that this also caught the eye of our audience. It also came out GREAT printed on our fine art hemp paper.

GG4 Trichrome Bridge
“GG4 Trichrome Bridge” – @NSD_420

Closing Thoughts

We’re thrilled to have such a talented group of artists in our community, and every month we look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next. Thank you to our winners, our voters, and all our other contestants.

And, don’t forget, these contests occur each and every month, so come back next month to submit and/or vote for your favorite cannabis photos.

Potography Media

Potography Media

Potography celebrates cannabis through photography, design, and all other forms of art. Our monthly photo contest is a fun and friendly way to highlight the artistic talent in the cannabis community as well as the natural beauty of the cannabis plant and the art it inspires.


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