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Huge Congrats to Our November 2022 Photo Contest Winners!

November 2022 photo contest winners - The Secret Colors of Cannabis - Putang
The Secret Colors of Cannabis - Putang by @uvcannabis





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November 2022 photo contest winners

As we move into our final month and photo contest of the year, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined us in 2022 and participated in our photo contests. We appreciate you all deeply!

November continued our trend of gaining new members each month, and this month one of our new members took both first a second place! He also joined us on the Livestream announcement, which was a great surprise and something we’d love to continue with future contest winners.

If you’ve won a contest and want to join us on a Livestream, send us a DM on or on Instagram and we’ll see when we can get you on!

Now, without further ado, let’s see our November 2022 photo contest winners!

Young gorilla glue
Young gorilla glue by @avoman1

Third Place

In third place, new member @avoman1 takes the prize with the shot “Young Gorilla Glue.” The photo features a live flowering plant that appears to be in its third or fourth week of flowering. 

At this stage in flowering, there’s usually not as much trichome production or exotic coloration in the flower, but that doesn’t stop this image from highlighting the beautiful green color of the plant and its bright white pistils. 

Congrats to @avoman1 and thanks for joining us!

The Secret Colors of Cannabis - Pink Runtz
The Secret Colors of Cannabis – Pink Runtz by @uvcannabis

Second Place

In second place, new member @uvcannabis introduces the Potography community to his trademark style of UV cannabis photography with his shot titled “The Secret Colors of Cannabis – Pink Runtz.” 

We had the pleasure of welcoming @uvcannabis onto our Livestream winner announcement, and he explained to us that shooting cannabis photos with UV light exposes certain characteristics, such as terpene content, that we can’t see with the naked eye.  

Along with crushing photo contests on our website, @uvcannabis has his own websites and a book where he documents his photographic exploits. You can see more of his work at

Thanks for joining us @uvcannabis and congrats on your first Potography win!

The Secret Colors of Cannabis - Putang
The Secret Colors of Cannabis – Putang by @uvcannabis

First Place

In first place, @uvcannabis claims victory with another UV shot titled “The Secret Colors of Cannabis – Putang.” 

While his second place photo shows a dried cannabis bud, this photo features a live cannabis plant and definitely seems to highlight more of the “secret colors” the UV light brings out. 

We’re definitely planning to grab a copy of the updated edition of his book, the Secret Colors of Cannabis, when it comes out, and we’re excited to see what else @uvcannabis does with this new and unique style of cannabis photography.

Thanks again for joining us and congrats on your double win!

November 2022 Photo Contest Winners – Closing thoughts 

As we approach the end of the year, we’re looking back at some of the goals we set and accomplished this year and we’re also getting ready to set some even bigger goals for next year. Our monthly photo contest has been running for almost three years now and we’re excited to start ramping up content for the new community features we added in 2022 such as forums and groups.

It’s just Sam and Nick working behind the scenes to keep the website and contest operational, so we deeply appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to helping this community grow even bigger and better in 2023.

P.S. Don’t forget to join us for our December photo contest! It’s live and open for entry through the 21st. 

Happy Holidaze everyone!

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Potography celebrates cannabis through photography, design, and all other forms of art. Our monthly photo contest is a fun and friendly way to highlight the artistic talent in the cannabis community as well as the natural beauty of the cannabis plant and the art it inspires.



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