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Our April 2021 Photo Contest Results Are In!


April 2021 Photo Contest Results

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4/20! We continued to celebrate through the end of the month with our April 2021 photo contest. The contest officially came to a close on May 1st at midnight, and our winners have been selected!

Our April 2021 photo contest set a new record as the most voted on contest since we launched just over one year ago. We had 15 entries from new and returning members, and 43 votes in total. Thank you to everyone who participated!

I feel like I say this every month, but I can’t wait to share some of the things we’ve been working on to make our platform more fun and valuable for our community in 2021. We’re still working behind the scenes but, in the meantime, we’ve really been enjoying this contest and are honored to see it continue to grow each month.

We deeply appreciate everyone’s support.

Now, for what you came for: our April 2021 photo contest results!

April 2021 Photo Contest Results – 3rd Place

Our third place winner for April 2021 is a new member who brought some serious heat. Michael is a freelance photographer and founder of the creative studio, Studiohuang.

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Michael has an impressive portfolio that extends far beyond cannabis. That said, his cannabis shots definitely stole the spotlight this month with their unique style and creative composition. Of the three shots he entered, two were winners (and, full disclosure, the other was one of my personal favorites)!

In third place, voters selected Michael’s beautiful shot of Apple Fritter. The bud pictured is in the late flowering stage and seems to be ripening up quite nicely for harvest time. And the trellis system seen in the background means these were likely some rock-hard and heavy buds!

Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter by Studiohuang

April 2021 Photo Contest Results – 2nd Place

In second place, we have another excellent shot by @studiohuang. For his second-place winner, Michael used a gold magnifying glass to “zoom” in on some beautiful Mai Tai.

This photo really jumps out when you look at the gallery due to the composition and the beautiful colors of the golden magnifying glass. The dark green, purple, and trichome-coated buds are almost ready to be harvested and enjoyed, which always makes a garden shot that much more enjoyable for our eyes and imaginations.

I really enjoyed printing this one in all it’s glory on our favorite fine art hemp paper.

mai tai x magnifying glass
“Mai Tai x Magnifying Glass” by @studiohuang

April 2021 Photo Contest Results – 1st Place

Last but not least, in first place, returning member @ashlee_stiller blessed the gallery with an amazing shot of one of the classic strains we all know and love: Purple Kush!

This month’s winning photo was another one that jumped out of the page due to the beautiful colors and composition. The plant pictured lived up to it’s name with a beautiful purple coloration on the buds and sugar leaves.

You can tell from the white stigmas that this plant still had some weeks to go until harvest, and we can only imagine what she looked like after some more ripening and trichome development.

Out of three shots Ashlee submitted of the same plant/strain, this one was our favorite and the voters seemed to agree!

We printed this one on an extra large hemp print to celebrate the April holiday, and we love how it came out.

Purple Kush B
Purple Kush B by @ashlee_stiller

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered, voted, or helped spread the word about our contest and community.

Our May 2021 Photo Contest is now live, and registered users can submit up to 3 photos through May 21st. Click here to view the gallery and enter, or check back on the 22nd to vote!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the latest contest updates. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get a 20% off coupon that you can use for custom hemp prints or anything else in our online store.

Thanks again, and see you next month!


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