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Our August 2021 Photo Contest Results Are Here! See Who Won


August 2021 Photo Contest Results

Another contest has ended and we’re continuing to see new members join our community each and every month.

Thanks to everyone who voted or submitted an entry. We deeply appreciate you and enjoy building a platform that serves our community of cannabis-inspired photographers.

We’ve been sharing bits and pieces of our longer-term plans for Potography for months, and we’ve always felt that our physical space needs to be expanded in order to put our plans into action.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Potography and the entire McBlaze Media operation will FINALLY be moving to a new location in DC! This is a big step up that provides extra space for our creative projects as well as our favorite gardening hobby, of course.

We can’t wait to start bringing you our own in-house cannabis photography again for the first time in years!

Now, enough about us, time for our August 2021 photo contest results!

FaceMints By Pure&ProperCo
FaceMints By Pure&ProperCo” by @the_chronickk

August 2021 Photo Contest Results – Third Place

In third place, our right-hand man @the_chronickk wins with his shot “FaceMints By Pure&ProperCo.”

This shot features a sunlit closeup of the chunky and colorful buds that are completely coated in trichomes. Nick is a true cannabis connoisseur and is known for selecting some of the best strains available to keep in his vault.

We always appreciate that he shares his selections with our community via his posts and contest entries. If you’re not following @the _chronickk on Instagram already, be sure to go do that!

Lastly, as I type this, Nick is undergoing surgery as part of his recovery from a serious accident he was in last year. Despite this, he’s continued to be our number one supporter throughout his entire recovery and I couldn’t be more grateful for his friendship.

Thanks for everything, Nick, and congrats on another bronze!

"Red" Blue Sherbet.
“Red” Blue Sherbet – by @kyeamofire

August 2021 Photo Contest Results – Second Place

In second place, @kyeamofire secures their first Potography win with the shot ‘”Red” Blue Sherbet.”‘

We think this is a dope photo due to the unusually purple – almost red – coloration of the stems and fan leaves contrasting against the bright green buds and purple-green-and-blue-hued sugar leaves.

We also loved the creative composition from @kyeamofire, capturing the undersides of the leaves at an angle that still manages to provide great lighting.

Congrats to @kyeamofire, and we look forward to seeing more of your entries in our future contests!

“Blueberry Muffins” by @siraynot

August 2021 Photo Contest Results – First Place

In first place, returning champ @siraynot (@_siraynot_ or @simonellitony on Instagram) does it again with an absolutely stunning shot of the strain “Blueberry Muffins.”

The winning photo features one main cola of a live plant that’s approaching harvest time. All around the plant, you see a bunch of smaller tops that aren’t quite in focus, which helps make the main subject of the shot really stand out.

In the background, you see some beautiful shades of green that compliment the green and purple plant that’s in focus, and then an abundance of sunlight beaming through the greenhouse to illuminate the garden.

Finally, the photo is highly detailed and shows an impressive level of trichome production coming from the plant.

This photo truly has everything you want in a cannabis photo. The voters seem to have been just as impressed as we were, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing @siraynot ‘s entries each month.

Congrats to @siraynot on another first place win!

september 2021 cannabis photo contest
Our September 2021 Photo Contest is Now LIVE!

August 20201 Photo Contest Results – Final Thoughts

We’re looking forward to welcoming more new members to our community in September as we settle into our new workspace and living situation.

We can’t wait to get back in the garden and start photographing our homegrown cannabis again.

In the meantime, the September 20201 Photo Contest is now LIVE!

Click the link above or visit to submit your entries, and check back on the 22nd to vote.

Thanks, everyone!

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