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Presenting Our December 2021 Photo Contest Winners!


December 2021 Photo Contest Winners

Happy New Year!

Our final photo contest of 2021 has come to a close and the winners have been selected! Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the live announcement on Instagram!

This contest was quieter than usual with just 11 entries from 4 members. Three of the four contestants were returning members, and all three winning images were submitted by returning winners.

We had a similar lull during the holidays in 2020, and we appreciate everyone who was able to get some photos submitted in the midst of the holiday madness!

Regardless of whether or not you participated last month, we hope everyone enjoyed some quality downtime with loved ones and we hope your new year is off to a great start.

Without further ado, let’s present our December 2021 photo contest winners!

Tropical Fusion By MFDank&FlexDr
“Tropical Fusion By MFDank&FlexDr” by @the_chronickk

December 2021 Photo Contest Winners – 3rd Place

In third place, returning multiple-contest winner and one of Potography’s founding members @the_chronickk wowed the crowd with his shot “Tropical Fusion by MFDank&FlexDr.”

Even when he’s on the East Coast, Nick is always smoking the best cannabis California has to offer. Fortunately for us, Nick also loves to take pictures of his buds to share on Instagram and in our photo contest. If you want to know what you should be smoking, make sure to give @the_chronickk a follow on Instagram and check out his latest selections.

When it comes to photography, Nick is a hobbyist and he uses his phone for all his photos. He tends to use natural (California) sunlight and loves adding interesting background elements. Almost all of his photos have a trademark style that attracts connoisseurs (and pesky imitators) from all over the world.

Congrats on another win, my friend!

“Seedling” by Ashlee Stiller

December 2021 Photo Contest Winners – 2nd Place

In second place, another returning member and multiple-contest winner @ashleestillerphotography took the prize with a beautiful shot of a young cannabis seedling.

This was our personal top pick for this month, simply due to the level of detail that’s visible. But, as usual, we loved all of Ashlee’s shots this month.

Ashlee is a Canadian resident and home grower, so many (if not most/all) of her photos feature her own homegrown cannabis plants. We can’t wait to see what this little seedling looks like in a few months!

Popcorn Bud
“Popcorn Bud” by Ashlee Stiller

Congrats, Ashlee!

December 2021 Photo Contest Winners – 1st Place

For our final winner and contest champion, Ashlee Stiller takes the W with her shot titled “Popcorn Bud.”

The winning photo features a really cool view of a lower bud in the early stages of flowering. The image includes a few different elements in the background and foreground, but the focus on the bud in the center of the frame makes for an eye-catching photo that’s subtle yet enticing.

I also loved this shot because it reminds me of a photo I took in my own garden back in 2017, and I actually ended up printing the photo on the first batch of Potography notecards ever made! The notecards are still available to purchase in our online shop, and we also occasionally gift them to our contest winners.

Nostalgic value aside, this is a beautiful photo and we can confirm it looks just as amazing when printed on our favorite fine art hemp photo paper.

This is Ashlee’s third time placing first in our monthly photo contest, making her one of our most-awarded members!

Congrats on another win, Ashlee!

Closing Thoughts

Congrats to our winners and thanks again to all who participated. We had a great time running the photo contest in 2021, our first full calendar year, and we can’t wait to see what kind of entries our community members submit in 2022.

We’re on a mission to make 2022 Potography’s best year yet! If you’re not already, please consider following us on Instagram for the most recent news and announcements!

Finally, our January 2022 Photo Contest is live and open for entry through the 21st! Click on the image above to browse the gallery and submit your best 3 shots. And don’t forget to come back on the 22nd to vote!

Thanks again, everyone. See you in the contest!

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