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Earn Votes by Sharing, New Prize Packs, & More…


September Updates – Earn Votes by Sharing, New Prize Packs, & More

Hello everyone! We’ve made some important updates to our photo contest.

Read on to learn how you can earn extra votes by sharing your entries on Instagram, and to see what’s new with our prize packs, entry methods, and more…

Prize Pack Update

First up, we’ve simplified our contest prize packs.

As usual, all three contest winners will receive at least one hemp print featuring their winning photo.

Starting this month, each winner will also receive a random assortment of Potography swag (cards, gift wrap, etc.), and the second and first place winners will get one and two additional hemp prints, respectively.

Here’s the full breakdown of the new prize packs:

  • 3rd place: One 4” x 6” (or 4” x 4” square) hemp print featuring the 3rd place winner’s photo, and a random assortment of Photography swag (cards, gift wrap, etc.). Total value: $15+
  • 2nd place: Everything from the 3rd place prize pack, plus one 5” x 7” hemp print featuring the 2nd place winner’s photo. Total value: $25+
  • 1st place: Everything from the 2nd place prize pack, plus one 8.5” x 11” hemp print featuring the 1st place winner’s photo. Total value: $50+

Outside of the contest, these hemp prints are only available by custom request, but stay tuned — you’ll see them in our online store very soon! (**January 2021 UPDATE:** Custom Hemp Prints are now available in our online shop. Click here to learn more!)

hemp fine art prints, prize packs, hemp paper prints, custom hemp prints catalog archive
Hemp prints by Potography

More Updates

Entry method update: As of this month, we no longer accept entries placed through Instagram. All entries must now be submitted through the website.

We plan to bring back IG entry in the future when it can be better integrated with our platform. Until then, if you’re having trouble submitting an entry through the site, please let us know!

Earn Votes by Sharing (NEW!): In place of IG Entry, contestants can now secure a fixed number of votes on each of their entries by performing a few simple actions on Instagram.

In total, each contestant can earn up to 9 additional votes or 3 extra votes per entry. The goal here is to encourage sharing to get more artists and voters involved while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the vote count.

You’ll find the requirements below and in the updated Contest Rules.


Earn Votes on Instagram* – How It Works **UPDATED JANUARY 2021**

To earn votes by sharing on Instagram, please do one or all of the following AFTER you’ve entered the contest through our website:

  1. Share your entries in an Instagram post and tag @potographymedia in the caption. You will earn one (1) vote per entry, or up to 3 votes total for this single action. This post must be made DURING the entry period.
  2. Tag a friend or photographer who you think should enter the contest. You will earn one (1) additional vote per entry for this single action (up to 3 votes total). This action can be combined with the action above, or it can be a separate post. Either way, you must tag @potographymedia in the caption of the post, and the post must be made DURING an active entry period.
  3. Tag 3 friends who you’d like to vote in the contest, and tag @potographymedia in the same post. This post must be made DURING an active voting period and may not be combined with the above posts. You will earn one (1) vote per entry (up to 3 votes total).
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We have more updates coming this month as we continue to fine-tune our contest and expand our offerings of products and services that support our community of artists. We’re excited to share more of these developments with you all very soon!

In the meantime, check out our September photo contest and don’t forget to share your entries on IG to lock in some free votes!

*Please view our Contest Rules page for the most up to date and accurate information regarding our contest rules, prizes, and procedures.

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