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Our July 2021 Photo Contest Results Are In!


July 2021 Photo Contest Results

Our last contest (June 2021) set a record for the most entries ever in a single contest, and this month we had a smaller pool of entries but more new artists joining the contest!

Thanks to everyone who joined our community in July, and thanks to all who entered the contest, voted, or got the word out. We’re happy to be building a community that supports cannabis photographers in some small way, and we love to see new members continuing to join us each month.

Now, let’s get into the July 2021 photo contest results!

Rainbow Fade
“Rainbow Fade” by @siraynot

July 2021 Photo Contest Results – Third Place

Our third place winner for July was also our first and second place winner in June. This month, @siraynot (aka @simonellitony on Instagram) entered three incredible shots and his “Rainbow Fade” shot was a crowd favorite.

Like last month’s entries, this shot features the Rainbow Tonic strain and the insane coloration the plant expresses in late flower. This particular shot gives you the best of both worlds, as it highlights ripe and resinous buds in front of beautiful fading fan leaves.

This is one of those photos that makes me want to drop everything and just grow cannabis. But thanks to artists like @siraynot now these plants can be admired by people around the world.

Thanks for sharing and congrats on another win!

“Twins” by @siraynot

July 2021 Photo Contest Results – Second Place

In second place, @siraynot does it again with his appropriately-titled shot, “Twins.”

If we had to guess, this is another shot of the Rainbow Tonic that @siraynot has been photographing. This is by far one of the most photogenic strains we’ve come across, but that’s not why @siraynot keeps placing in our contests.

Like all his photos, this shot was thoughtfully composed and highlights all the right things. It’s incredibly pleasing to the eye, with clearly defined subjects and lots of detail.

Slightly less faded than some of the other plants he’s photographed, you can still see some truly mesmerizing color variations in this photo, and @siraynot has a special knack for getting all that color and detail into one enticing shot.

As always, thank you and many congrats to @siraynot !

July 2021 photo contest results - Gorilla Lemon Fire
“Gorilla Lemon Fire” by @astiller

July 2021 Photo Contest Results – First Place

In first place, another returning member and contest winner @astiller (@ashlee_stiller on Instagram) is back with more gorgeous shots.

Her first-place winner is an overhead photo of a vegging “Gorilla Lemon Fire” plant. The photo highlights the incredible symmetry found in cannabis and also displays a rich green color that just screams “life.” This plant looks healthy and happy, and we can only imagine how impressive she’ll be in the flowering stage.

This is another photo that makes me want to drop everything I’m doing and get back in the garden, and we deeply appreciate @astiller for sharing it with us.

Congrats on another win!

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July 2021 Photo Contest Results – Closing Thoughts

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our July contest. Our August photo contest is now live and you can submit your entries here.

After you enter the contest, don’t forget to share the contest page on social media to let other artists know about the contest and so your audience can support you with their votes.

Thanks again, and we’ll see you in the August contest gallery!

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