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March 2021 Photo Contest Results Are In!

Our March 2021 photo contest has come to a close and the results are in! This month we had 33 votes spread across 10 entries, with a nice mix of new contestants and longtime Potography members.

The March 2021 photo contest was our 12th contest and also marks the one-year anniversary of our monthly photo contests. We’ve been focusing on building the foundation of this platform over the last year, and we’re happy to see that the contest keeps steadily growing.

This year, we’re planning to really ramp things up and make sure every cannabis photographer knows about our monthly photo contests! And that’s just the beginning of what we have planned for our community. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

Now, on to our March 2021 photo contest results!

March 2021 Photo Contest Results – Third Place

In third place, returning champion @chowda420 (@the_regular_grow on Instagram) is back with a beautiful shot of a flowering Sour Diesel plant. Sour Diesel will always be one of our favorite strains of all time, and, knowing how @the_regular_grow is always getting his hands on great genetics, it’s safe to say this Sour is the real deal.

We love seeing pictures from home gardens, and my mouth is watering just thinking about how this one smells! Thanks for the entry, and congrats on another win!

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel by @chowda420

March 2021 Photo Contest Results – Second Place

In second place, we have new member and contestant @astiller (@ashlee_stiller on Instagram) with a closeup bud shot of Purple Kush.

Purple Kush is another one of those “classic” strains that was frequently available during the height of Sour D’s popularity (late 2000s) and when medical marijuana programs were just starting to take root across the country. It’s cool to see people are still growing and appreciating the Purple Kush, and it’s especially cool to see it sharing the spotlight with another classic strain!

The shot highlights the fat bud structure of the purple kush while also showing off an impressive amount of trichomes. We can only imagine how sticky and rock-hard these nugs will be when they’re finished, not to mention that classic stoney kush effect.

Thanks for the beautiful entry!

Purple Kush 2
“Purple Kush 2” by @astiller

March 2021 Photo Contest Results – First Place

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for….

In first place, we have our returning champion and our number one supporter here at Potography, @the_chronickk (@the_chronickk2.0 on Instagram).

Nick probably wouldn’t introduce himself as a photographer, but he’s got a skill that’s essential for anyone looking to improve their cannabis photography: he knows how to pick good weed.

Nick also loves taking photos of his buds, and that’s why they come out so great. This month’s winning photo was no exception, with an absolutely stunning sun-lit shot of some incredible Dolato by Flora & Flame.

Taking a quick peek at the Flora & Flame Instagram may tell you these aren’t the most well-known growers, but if Nick is smoking their product you can be sure they’re among the best. His winning photo makes the case for this assessment even stronger.

The shot shows a couple of buds with a THICK coating of trichomes, which I’m sure leaves a pleasing combination of stickiness and greasy fuel on your fingertips after handling. You can tell by looking at the photo that this bud was cared for properly at every stage of its lifecycle, and this is the type of bud sample you need to take excellent cannabis photos.

Great job on the selection and execution as always, my friend!

DOLato By Flora& Flame
Dolato grown by Flora & Flame and photographed by @the_chronickk

March 2021 Photo Contest Results – Final Thoughts

It’s hard to believe one full year of contests is now behind us, but that’s probably because it’s been such a fun experience. We don’t make money doing this; in fact, we pay for the website and monthly prizes out of pocket. But it’s worth it to help bring cannabis photographers together around our love for the plant, the culture, and the art.

Now that a full year is behind us, we’d like to start focusing on growing this community so that one day it can provide even more value to its members. We have much more planned beyond the monthly contest, and everything is geared toward providing more opportunities for cannabis photographers to connect with and support each other.

It’s physically impossible for any of us to photograph all the cannabis in the world all alone, so our best bet is to work together and help each other reach our full potentials as artists. That’s our whole goal here at Potography. If we end up doing something so cool that people want to pay us for it, then great! But our main focus will always be building the community and coming up with more ways to support it and get it engaged.

Thank you again for everyone’s support. We’ve been growing 100% organically over the last year, and we’re really excited to ramp things up this year.

If you want to support cannabis photographers, it would mean the world to us if you could please give us a Like on Facebook and a Follow on Instagram.

See you in the April 2021 photo contest!

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