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Congratulations to Our March 2022 Photo Contest Winners!


March 2022 Photo Contest Winners

Our March 2022 photo contest marks the end of three years (!) of photo contests and our winners have been selected!

For the first time in Potography history, Nick joined Sam live and direct from Washington, DC to make the announcement. You can check out the live stream below or keep reading to learn more about the winning shots.

March 2022 Photo Contest Winners – Third Place

For our March 2022 contest, @the_chronickk secured third place with a gorgeous shot of Girl Scout Cookies by Selva Cannabis.

The image features a handful of trichome-coated dark purple buds stacked on a table with what looks like a light blue/off-white color. The two largest buds are the focus of the shot and if you look long enough you might just start to drool (don’t say we didn’t warn you!). Just below the buds, the Selva Cannabis label, which incorporates purple, blue, and orange/gold, is visible.

Staying true to his trademark style, this shot is one of our favorites from @the_chronickk.

Congrats, my friend!

march 2022 photo contest winners - third place - Girl Scout Cookies By SelvaCannabis
“Girl Scout Cookies by Selva Cannabis”
Photo by @the_chronickk

March 2022 Photo Contest Winners – Second Place

In second place, one of our newest members, @mycological_genetics wowed the crowd with a beautiful shot of “ICC F1 week 3.”

This image features a flowering plant that already looks like it’s starting to swell in week 3. The plant is a gorgeous green color and the background also carries a sort of earthy green coloration.

The fresh green plant life and abundant lighting make this photo incredibly pleasing to the eye and it’s no surprise it was one of the crowd favorites.

Congrats to @mycological_genetics and thanks for joining us!

March 2020 photo contest winners - second place - ICC F1 week 3
“ICC F1 week 3”
Photo by @mycological_genetics

March 2022 Photo Contest Winners – First Place

Finally, returning for her fourth consecutive victory, @astiller clinched the top spot with her entry titled “Close Up Autoflower.”

Ashlee lives in Canada where it’s legal to grow her own cannabis, and we love observing her journey with both cannabis cultivation and cannabis photography. The fact that she can both grow beautiful plants AND capture beautiful photos of those plants is doubly impressive in our book, and we always love seeing Ashlee’s photos in the contest gallery.

This photo might be the most crispy and detailed shot we’ve seen from Ashlee so far. The detail on the flower pistils is simply incredible, and beyond worthy of printing on our favorite fine art hemp paper.

Well done, Ashlee! We can’t wait to see what comes next.

March 2022 photo contest winners - first place - Close Up Autoflower
“Close Up Autoflower”
Photo by @astiller

Closing Thoughts

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our March photo contest!

Our April contest is already off to a great start and we hope to see more new and returning members alike in the gallery.

If you don’t end up submitting any photos in April, don’t worry! You can still vote each and every month to show your support for our community of artists.

Thanks again, everyone. We look forward to seeing what you all have in store for April!

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