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May 2022 Photo Contest Results: See Who Won!


May 2022 Photo Contest Results

Our May 2022 photo contest has ended and it’s officially one for the books! Not only did our May contest have one of the most impressive entry pools we’ve seen to date, but it also brought in more votes than any other contest. We also celebrated the return of two of our longtime members and contest winners.

With all things considered, May 2022 might have been our best contest yet.

Thank you to all of our contestants and everyone who voted, liked, or shared the contest to show support for our growing community of cannabis photographers.

Now, let’s dig into our May 2022 photo contest results!

May 2022 Photo Contest Results – Third Place

DC Premier Farms Kobe#8
“DC Premier Farms Kobe#8” by @dc-premier-farms

First up, new member @dc-premier-farms (@dcpremierfarms on Instagram) secured third place with an enticing shot of “DC Premier Farms Kobe #8.”

The photo features an overhead view of a ripe bud that seems to directly channel the competitive spirit of the late Black Mamba.

The plant features a dark purple color that might even be considered black, and the deep black background serves to further highlight the plant’s beautiful color and impressive trichome coverage that extends to the tips of even some of the larger sugar leaves.

This is the type of photo that makes you want to start smelling your screen for terps!

Congrats to the team at DC Premier Farms for the win!

May 2022 Photo Contest Results – Second Place

GO TIME! -Snowtillorganics
“GO TIME! -Snowtillorganics” by @nsd420

Next, longtime Potography member and multiple contest-winner, Nature Sweetest Dank aka NSD420 (@_nature_sweetest_dank on Instagram) secured second place with his shot “GO TIME! – Snowtillorganics.”

The second-place winner is a macro shot featuring a single trichome-covered bract in front of a multi-colored background. These elements- the single bract against a colorful background – are a sort of “trademark” style from NSD, and you can see the same style in some of his earlier contest entries from back in 2020.

NSD keeps some of the world’s best cannabis in his vault and, lucky for us, he documents his selections with his camera. We always love seeing NSD’s photos in the contest gallery and can’t wait to print this colorful shot on some fine art hemp paper.

Great to see you back, NSD. Congrats on the win and we look forward to the next one!

May 2022 Photo Contest Results – First Place

DC Premier Farms Lava Cake
“DC Premier Farms Lava Cake” by @dc-premier-farms

Finally, in first place, DC Premier Farms takes home their second win of the month with the photo, “DC Premier Farms Lava Cake.”

This month’s first-place photo shares some key characteristics with the third-place winner (also by DC Premier Farms), such as the black background and trichome-covered buds. Instead of an aerial view, however, this shot was taken from a lower angle on the side, resulting in a composition that makes the subject appear dominant and overpowering.

Of course, this bud would probably look great at any angle, and both of the winning shots from DC Premier Farms highlight the importance of having both photography skills and top-tier flowers to photograph.

Special props go to the DC Premier Farms Marketing Director, Jessica, who handles their photography, social media, and much more.

Thank you for submitting this incredible shot (and the others) and congrats on your wins!

May 2022 Photo Contest Results – Closing Thoughts & Announcements

Thank you again to everyone who participated in our May 2022 cannabis photo contest. We love this community of cannabis photographers and creatives and we’re ecstatic to see it continue growing each month.

We have some exciting developments planned to make this community even better this year and we can’t wait to share them with you all soon. We’re confident that, with your continued support, this will be our best year yet.

In the meantime, though, you know the drill! Our monthly photo contest is LIVE and you can now vote or enter your own cannabis photos. Click here to view the live contest gallery and join our community of cannabis photographers today.

Thanks, everyone!

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