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My name is Sam and I’m the founder and administrator here at

While I’m not a cannabis photographer by trade, I am a longtime fan of cannabis photography and cannabis-inspired art in general. As a grower and patient connoisseur, I find the cannabis plant to be mesmerizing and I’ve always appreciated artists who are able to capture its beauty with a camera or through some other artistic medium.

My goal for building Potography has always been to provide a place for cannabis artists to connect with and support each other, whether that’s for career development or simply enjoying a hobby. The monthly photo contest was our first big push to bring people into our community, which has grown to over 200 members since we launched back in 2020.

Recently, however, the nonstop and arbitrary censorship of cannabis creators on the biggest social media platforms has made it clear to me that we need a platform that can serve as a sort of home base for cannabis artists- a place where you know you won’t be censored for your art- and those looking to take cannabis photography seriously.

While we will always welcome all cannabis-inspired creators into our community (including those, like me, who enjoy cannabis art as a hobby only), moving forward most new features we roll out will lean more heavily toward supporting our members who rely on cannabis art and photography to pay their bills.

The most important thing for everyone to remember, though, is that everything we do here is geared toward supporting our community of cannabis artists. The main benefit I gain personally from all of this is that I have a website platform that I get to build, maintain, and play around with, which helps me develop my own creative skills that I can carry over into other cannabis-related projects I’m working on. But the mission and core purpose for Potography’s existence is to support YOU, the cannabis artists.

With that in mind, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me directly with any ideas, compliments, or complaints you may have regarding the platform. Even if you think it’s stupid or that you could do so much more with this platform and you want to tell me how bad of a job I’m doing, please don’t hesitate. I’m all ears (and, honestly, I could use the help!).

You can message me directly here or on Instagram any time, or send me an email at

Thanks, everyone. Now go join the monthly photo contest and make some new connections!


Favorite Strain(s)

Chemdog, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies




Subject Matter

Live plant, Dried bud, Macro, Glass art


Canon EOS Rebel XTi


Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens


Adobe Photoshop

Other equipment

Macro rail for photo stacking. Lighting and backgrounds

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