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October 2020 Contest Results – New Members Take the Lead!


October 2020 Contest Results

Croptober is over and another monthly photo contest has come to an end!

This month we had more new contestants than any previous month (not counting our first contest of course!), and we were absolutely blown away by the entries.

Thank you to everyone who participated, both our first-time contestants and our returning members.

With so many outstanding entries, votes were a bit more spread out than usual and we ended up with a tie for third place! Keep reading for more details…


October Contest Results

Our October contest saw 16 entries from six contestants, and styles ranged from landscape farm shots to all the way down to beautiful macros. We even had photos with some sweet kaleidoscope edits (shoutout to @thecannabisalchemist)!

These contests are all about getting creative and trying out new ideas, so don’t ever be afraid to submit something experimental, and keep it coming with the variety!

Finally, before we get into the results, we just wanted to take a second to say how much we love seeing all the cannabis-inspired art our community creates. We’re grateful for your participation and can’t wait to see what you have in store for our November contest.

Ok, now back to the results!

Third place

In third place we have our retuning multiple contest-winner @NSD_420!

With a beautiful shot of Couch Lock Cookies by Decibel Gardens, Nature’s Sweetest Dank claims yet another contest victory!

This officially makes @NSD_420 the most awarded Potography contestant since we launched the contest in April.

Well done, my friend!

NSD’s third-place shot highlights the purple plant matter and high trichome coverage typically found in “cookie” strains, which we must admit always makes our mouths water. And, with the red elements lingering in the background, this photo really pops!

Couch Lock Cookies by Decibel Gardens
Couch Lock Cookies by Decibel Gardens – Photo by @nsd_420

Second Place

In second place we have a beautiful outdoor garden shot by new participant @_siraynot_.

The strain pictured is Cantaloupe Cookies and the colors in this photo are unreal! We love this type of garden shot, which highlights the chunky buds and excellent structure of the plants in the garden.

The second-place winner was one of three very different entries by @_siraynot_ and, while we loved all three, the voters chose this one as their favorite.

Big thanks to @_siraynot_ for participating in our contest, and we look forward to seeing more entries in the future!

Cantaloupe Cookies
Cantaloupe Cookies – Photo by @_siraynot_

First Place

Our first-place prize for October goes to another one of our first-time contestants, @indie.glo!

The winning shot, “Chocolope Swelling,” features a closeup of a ripening chocolope bud in an indoor garden.

This bud looks like it was dipped in sugar and we can only imagine it will be as much of a pleasure to smoke as it must have been to grow and photograph.

Congrats to @indie.glo and keep up the excellent work—both in the garden and with the camera!

Chocolope Swelling
“Chocolope Swelling” – Photo by @indie.glo

Final Thoughts

THANK YOU again to all of our October contestants and especially our new members.

Our November contest is now live, and we hope to see you back with another round of entries!

ALSO—be sure to sign up for our newsletter and check our Instagram regularly for announcements. We’re almost ready to announce a new service that will include some special benefits for our existing member artists, so stay tuned for details and be sure to register for your free account today if you haven’t already!

We love you all, we appreciate your continued support, and we’ll see you in the November gallery!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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About Potography

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