Hemp Cannabis Botanical Print – W. Müller

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Cannabis Botanical Hemp Print – W. Müller

  • 8.5″ x 11″ US Letter size print
  • Acid free, archival quality paper
  • 50% hemp, 50% post-consumer waste
  • FSC-certified paper milled at a carbon-neutral facility

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Cannabis Botanical Print

You’ve probably seen this cannabis botanical print before, but have you seen it printed on paper made from 50% hemp?

We always wanted to buy one of these prints, but we could never find a hemp version we liked. So, we made one ourselves! Now they’re available to anyone who wants one.

This iconic cannabis botanical print features an illustration that’s over 100 years old, and we’ve brought it back to life on one of our favorite hemp paper stocks.

The illustration was originally published in Franz Eugen Köhler’s Medizinal-Pflanzen (1887), and signed W. Müller. It has been retouched by our design team to produce the best possible print quality on our sustainable hemp paper stocks.

We love digging into cannabis and hemp history to find historic images like this one, and being able to recreate the images on beautiful hemp paper stocks makes it even more fun.

This is a well-recognized image, but we have a lot more photos in our archives that we plan to retouch and print on hemp. So keep an eye out for even more cannabis botanical prints coming soon!

Hemp Paper Prints

Potography is happy to bring you hemp prints! Our cannabis botanical prints are 8.5″ x 11″ (US letter size) and made with 50% hemp paper. All prints are made-to-order before being carefully packaged and shipped from our home-based print studio in Washington, DC.

Milled at a carbon-neutral facility with 50% hemp and 50% post-consumer waste, the hemp paper used for this print is one of the most sustainable paper stocks in the world. It’s acid-free, archival quality, and features a textured and uncoated finish that makes it feel like an authentic piece of history.

For these reasons and more, it’s our favorite paper stock for recreating historic hemp documents and images!

Cannabis Botanical Print Specs:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ US Letter size print
  • Acid-free, archival quality paper
  • 50% hemp, 50% post-consumer waste
  • FSC-certified paper milled at a carbon-neutral facility

All of our historic cannabis botanical prints are printed in-house by Potography using imported hemp paper

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Hemp Paper for Cannabis Art

We believe cannabis-inspired art should be printed on cannabis-based paper.

We’re beyond excited to be part of the global movement to rebuild the hemp industry!

Starting with our stationery and fine art prints, we’re showing the world what cannabis can do.

Why Hemp Paper?

Hemp paper isn’t better by default just because it’s made from our favorite plant; it’s better because it’s more versatile, more sustainable, and longer-lasting than tree-based paper.

Top reasons why we love hemp paper:

  1. Hemp paper feels like a high-quality, premium product (because it is!)
  2. Hemp paper will outlast tree paper. It’s acid-free and contains very little lignin, which means it won’t turn yellow and disintegrate as fast as tree paper does
  3. Hemp paper is good for the environment. Hemp requires fewer inputs to grow and process and it produces more paper per acre than trees with less pollution
  4. Cannabis-inspired art printed on cannabis-based paper is at least twice as cool as cannabis-inspired art printed on trees (just kidding… sort of)

About Potography

Potography is a community for cannabis-inspired artists founded in 2019. Through our monthly photo contests, Potography promotes gratitude and appreciation for cannabis and the community of artists it inspires.

We print as many products on hemp as we possibly can because we believe hemp is an under-utilized resource with unmatched sustainability attributes and market potential.

Potography strongly believes cannabis prohibition (in all forms, including purchasing limits in legal states, plant count limits, etc.) is a gross injustice and the only criminals involved in cannabis are those who seek to keep the plant away from others through prohibition, regulatory capture, or any other legal or non-legal means.

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