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Entry Rules:

  • Please create a free Potography account to submit entries (required). This helps us operate a fair contest. You can register in less than a minute by clicking here.
  • You retain all rights and ownership over any work you submit. Please see the complete Contest Rules for details
  • Each registered user may submit three (3) images per contest
  • Cannabis photography only. Please only submit photos of cannabis or cannabis products
  • No fees for entry. No purchase necessary. Buying products from our store does not increase your chances of winning

Voting rules:

  • Anyone can vote in the contest. No account needed. No purchase necessary
  • All voting must take place on via the contest gallery
  • Each user gets three (3) votes. Use them wisely!
  • You can vote for your own entries, but we think that’s kinda lame. Check out the other entries and let us know your favorites!
  • Don’t cheat. We’re here to celebrate cannabis and art, so keep it lighthearted and have fun!


  • Three winners will be chosen each month (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place)
  • Winners are determined by popular vote
  • Potography will announce winners on the first day of every month via social media, email, and
  • Prize details can be found on our Contest Rules page. Prizes are subject to change each month but always include a free hemp print. We will announce any meaningful changes to our prize packages on Instagram (@potographymedia)
  • Winners will need to provide a mailing address in order to claim prizes. We’ll reach out if we don’t hear from you first
  • In the event of a tie, Potography will appoint a Judging Panel to select a first, second, and third place winner

Please click the button below to view the complete list of Contest Rules

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