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Welcome to the Potography Community Lounge! This is a place for cannabis photographers to connect, discuss, and share their experiences. Whether you're new to the community or you're a seasoned professional, we invite you to join in on...
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  • cannabis photography general discussion forum cover photo - image of live cannabis bud against black background
    Join the conversation in the General Discussions sub-forum, where members of our community can engage in open-ended discussions…
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  • potography introduce yourself forum cover photo - man holding burning lit joint on beach with smoke and blurred background
    Introduce yourself to our community of cannabis photographers and content creators in the Introduce Yourself sub-forum. Share your…
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  • cannabis cultivation forums - photo of seedlings in small pots of soil
    Welcome to the Cannabis Cultivation sub-forum! Here, members can discuss and share their knowledge and experiences related to…
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  • cannabis products reviews-and-recommendations-sub-forum-cover-AdobeStock_168786394
    The Cannabis Products sub-forum is where members of our community can discuss and review different types of cannabis…
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  • cannabis art and culture forum cover photo - image of psychedelic background with cannabis leaf
    The Cannabis Art and Culture sub-forum is where members can discuss and share their interests in the artistic…
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  • community events - potography community events - image of action figures holding camera
    Welcome to the Potography Community Events sub-forum! This is where members of our cannabis photography community can discuss…
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  • community-suggestions-and-feedback-1-wooden figures in group with another separate from group holding sign with lightbulb icon AdobeStock_281251653
    Welcome to the Community Feedback and Suggestions forum, your platform to voice your thoughts about our cannabis creative…
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  • censorship-stories-image of camera photographic cannabis bud in front of canvas on easel, pixelated bud - AdobeStock_123509573
    The Censorship Stories forum is where members can share their experiences related to censorship in the cannabis industry.…
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