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Congrats to our September 2021 photo contest winners!


Our September 2021 photo contest has ended and the winners have been announced!

September was a big month for Potography. Not only did we accomplish a long-held goal of moving our home-based studio from a tiny apartment to a house with real space, but our September photo contest completely shattered not just one but THREE records for participation.

Last month’s contest had more contestants, more entries, and more votes than any previous contest. And the best part for us is that we broke these records during our most quiet month on Instagram (we weren’t posting much since we were so busy moving).

This means the community is keeping itself alive and growing on its own, and we are so hyped to see this!

We’d like to thank everyone for helping make this community so dope! And we can’t wait to start taking full advantage of all the extra space we have now to grow.

Ok, enough about us. Let’s see the September 2021 photo contest winners!

“Rootpunzel” by Ashley Smith

September 2021 Photo Contest Winners – Third Place

In third place, new member Ashley Smith (@smithfamilyqueen on Instagram) takes the bronze with her shot titled “Rootpunzel.”

As you could probably guess from the title, the shot features a huge cannabis root mass that is so long it almost resembles Rapunzel’s hair (for those who are unfamiliar, Rapunzel is the main character from the classic fairy tale of the same name).

While we tend to focus our lenses on cannabis flowers and other parts of the plant that are above ground, this shot is a welcome break from the norm because it gives us a glimpse at the roots hiding underground, without which we wouldn’t have any beautiful flowers up top.

As growers like to say: healthy roots, healthy fruits!

Congrats on the win, and thanks for participating!

Fire as Fuck
“Fire As Fuck” by @just_fuego360_

September 2021 Photo Contest Winners – Second Place

In second place, returning winner @just_fuego360_ stays true to his username with his beautiful macro shot titled “Fire As Fuck.”

The number two shot highlights the mesmerizing details and textures found at the macro level, particularly with trichomes and the fingerprint-like surface of the plant material. The subject of the photo seems to be either a piece of a bud, bract, or leaf that’s absolutely covered in ripening trichomes.

The trichome heads are shown to be almost fully developed with a nice mix of cloudy, clear, and amber heads set against a deep purple colored plant. And, to highlight the subject even more, @just_fuego360_ used a nice orange background that compliments the purple plant material and frosty trichomes wonderfully.

As usual, the photos from @just_fuego360_ were some of our favorites in the gallery, and we’re happy to see this one take home the silver medal. Congrats to @just_fuego360_ on another win!

Oregon Cannabliss
“Oregon Cannabliss” by Ashley Smith

September 2021 Photo Contest Winners – First Place

On top of smashing a few participation records last month, our September contest also saw a notable rise in the number of cannabis-inspired, but not necessarily cannabis-focused, photography.

Our first place winner, submitted by third-place winner Ashley Smith (@smithfamilyqueen) definitely falls into this “cannabis-inspired” category, and it’s our first winning image to not explicitly feature cannabis.

The winning entry for our September 2021. photo contest is titled “Oregon Cannabliss” and features a beautiful shot of a sunset over a nice lake or pond.

While we don’t see any actual cannabis plants in the photo, we have to assume the shot was taken from a cannabis farm.

Regardless, this contest is all about celebrating the people, places, and art inspired by cannabis. And, while we plan to split this category of photos into its own separate contest someday down the road, we love to see members submitting and voting for photos that don’t focus on cannabis itself but rather the beauty and art it inspires.

This photo has some really great colors and we loved printing it on our hemp fine art photo paper.

Congrats again to Ashley Smith for her double win and thank you for being a part of our community!

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September 2021 Photo Contest Winners – Final Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who voted and submitted entries for our September 2021 photo contest! We can’t thank you enough for making this something we look forward to, and we are honored to see new and returning members continuing to join each and every month.

This has been such a fun project to be a part of, and we’re just getting started!!

Our October 2021 Contest is now LIVE and open for entry through the 21st of the month! Let’s see everyone’s best shots from Croptober and the harvest season, plus whatever fall-themed or cannabis-inspired shenanigans anyone gets into.

Thanks again everyone, good luck, and we’ll see you in our October contest gallery!

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